Family Yoga


FAMILY YOGA - For ages 5 years and up

Do as many group and partner poses as you can! 
Don’t waste the precious time parents and children have 
together in doing individual poses. Make sure that they 
physically touch and connect in every pose. It’s transformative 
and it is always more fun to do yoga TOGETHER!

You can find ways to connect in all poses; facing each other, 
one behind the other, back to back, side by side, one on top of 
the other, or holding hands!

In most poses it is easy to adjust the size differences 
between the parents and the children, so be creative! 
Some poses where we are one on top of the other might 
only work with children on top.

Two parents and a grandparent can come with 
one child or one parent with four children. Most poses can
be done in little groups or you (the teacher) can partner with 
a parent or a child if there is an odd number.

Class Meets
Thursdays at 6:30pm
Beginning January 4, 2018


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