Group Fitness

Non-stop Activities at the Union County Family YMCA! So many unique group classes that you’ll never get bored!

Group Fitness Classes

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Cycling (Studio 3)
Power Cycling

For any adventurous person who enjoys riding their bike outside, and would like to stay in tip top cycling shape during the winter months. This class is 2 hours long and guarantees a fun, intense workout to motivating music. Class runs through the winter months. This class meets seasonal only through the winter schedule.

Group Cycling

Group Cycling is an exercise class with bikes available on a first come, first serve basis. Ask an instructor or the front desk for a copy of Group Cycling policies. Cycling is an instructor-lead class on specialized stationary bikes. Different riding positions and varying the wheel resistance gives you a great cardio workout!

TRX (Studio 3)

TRX Body Blast

The movements of the class work on a coordinated tempo. The class is driven by the beat of the music. You will perform sets of repetitions of each exercise move. This class is ideal for participants new to TRX suspension.

TRX Circuit Training

Is a boot camp style class format. Each individual chooses a pace and difficulty range, this class is driven by the clock. It is an ideal class for participants accustomed to sport-specific or boot camp style training and for those who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit of their own abilities.


TRX Suspension Training

The movements are distinguished from traditional exercises in that the users hands or feet are generally supported by a single point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. Your desired percentage of bodyweight is loaded onto the targeted body zone and animated as an exercise movement. This suspension type workout is an ideal mix of support and mobility to train strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, power and core. “All core all the time”.

Water Aerobics
Deep Water Power Pump 

High intensity total body conditioning, cardiovascular and muscular strengthening, toning and stretching all in deep water. This class provides an opportunity to perform exercises without any straining to your body joints. Great for circulation and improving overall fitness and wellbeing. Floatation belts and water resistance equipment will be used. Class meets in the Lap Pool

Morning Shallow Water Fitness

Aerobic conditioning is what this class is all about. Both cardio and toning done in the shallow end of the Lap Pool

Warmzone Aquatone

45 minutes of low intensity, this is more about total body tone and less on cardio fitness. Utilizing the natural buoyancy of the water. Exercises are designed to focus on strengthening than toning. Yoga and Pilates will be added to build core strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. Various types of equipment (i.e. water buoys/weights, kick boards, water noodles, etc.) are incorporated into the workout to achieve muscle endurance. Low cardio will be used on and as needed basis to keep participants warm and comfortable. Class meets in the Therapy Pool

Current Group Fitness Schedule
May 1 - September 30, 2024


The YMCA offers many Group Exercise Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. No matter your fitness level we have the class for you!  All of our instructors are certified and ready to help you with your goals. All Group Exercise classes are part of your Y membership, meaning you don’t pay extra for classes!


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