L.E.A.P. – Little Explorers Active Play

A NEW playgroup for parents and children Ages 0-4! ! 
Join us each Thursday from 10am-11am. 
Parents, grandparents and caregivers can bring their kids to participate in a program
sponsored by each YMCA department!  

Each week's playgroup activities are specially designed to boost social, 
emotional and physical development. 

We welcome ALL FAMILIES, no need to be a YMCA Member!

For more information and a list of activities click here.

$5 per child for each class, or $18 for the month (10% Savings)!
Pre-register online by clicking the “register now” tab in our menu, or same day at the YMCA!
1st Thursday – LET’S SPLASH!
Join our Aquatics Team in the YMCA warm therapy pool for a reading of a special water-themed book, and then some free swim! LEAP into the pool to meet new friends, play with water toys, and build strength while getting use to water and water safety! This is a great chance to talk with our YMCA Aquatics Staff about swim lessons and other offerings! 
2nd Thursday – LET’S TUMBLE!
Join our YMCA Gymnastics Instructors at the YMCA.  We’ll have free play tumbling and build those gross motor skills!  LEAP onto a mat, practice balancing, and explore some low level obstacles while making friends!  This is a great chance to talk with our YMCA Gymnastics Staff about our Baby Gymnastics and Squeaky Sneakers classes!
3rd Thursday – LET’S MOVE!
Join our Fitness Team at the YMCA for a special parent/child exercise class in one of our studios!  
From dancing, to yoga, to stroller pump, and much more!  LEAP into these high-energy sessions to get moving, build gross motor skills, coordination, practice following group directions, and make exercise fun for the family! This is a great chance to talk with our YMCA Fitness Instructors about the group exercises all included with a YMCA membership!  And to brainstorm ways to get active at home!
4th Thursday – LET’S SPLASH AGAIN!
At the Y, we value water safety and introducing your child to swimming at a young age is so important! So now we have 2 Splash Sessions every month! They also happen to be fun and relaxing for both parent and child! 
     L.E.A.P.  is for ages 0-4!

What to expect:

  • Both free and structured play!
  • New themes/activities each month!
  • Connect to other parents/caregivers.
  • Grow mind, body and spirit through targeted youth skill development.
  • All are welcome! YMCA Members and Non Members! 


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YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into daily programming.


Variety of age appropriate activities that promote opportunities for children to explore their environment safely and confidently.


Activities are led by assigned teachers, as well as, self directed by the child.  Creativity is encouraged to help promote individual growth.


Group and individual play. Kid Connect has activities that promote decision making skills, teach responsible behavior, and develop the child’s self confidence.