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Our Homeschool program is a great opportunity for home-schooled children to interact with each other in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.  They will enjoy enriching experiences through programs that keep them active, help them meet new friends and build relationships.

Homeschool PE & Swim Lessons

For Homeschool Students

Homeschool PE

Ages: 515
Dates & Times: Wednesdays from 10:00am – 11:45am

(11:00am – 11:45am free swim)
Price (YMCA Members):  $35 first child + $25 ea. additional child
Price (Non Members):  $50 first child + $40 ea. additional child

For the Homeschool PE class schedule click here.

**No class if Marysville Schools are closed**

Homeschool Swim Lessons

Swimmers will attend 8 – 30 minute swim lessons during a two month period. Swim lessons have 1 instructor to 6 students for ages 3 – 5 and 1 instructor to 8 students for ages 6 and over. All classes may need to be repeated.

Ages: 3 – 15
Dates & Times: Thursdays from 9am – 11am
Price (YMCA Members): $40 first child + $25 each additional child
Price (Non Members): $80 first child + $40 each additional child

For Swim Lesson times click here

Homeschool PE



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Homeschool Swimming



YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into daily programming.


Variety of age appropriate activities that promote opportunities for children to explore their environment safely and confidently.


Activities are led by assigned teachers, as well as, self directed by the child.  Creativity is encouraged to help promote individual growth.


Group and individual play. Kid Connect has activities that promote decision making skills, teach responsible behavior, and develop the child’s self confidence.